Centro Aventura personalizes each program according to your event, in function to your objectives and according to your interests!

Any corporate event, meeting, party can be customized or adapted together with indoor or outdoor activities.
We plan each business event or teambuilding program, tailored to each organization and in accordance with its objectives, taking into account the place and number of participants, providing exceptional moments to fraternize with your employees or clients.
Share your idea with us, we build your business event tailor-made.

Put our originality to the test!

We provide moments of true satisfaction, depending on your interests according to the ages and theme of the party!
We organize your birthday party in our Park or we can take it to your house!
Inflatables, Sound Equipment, Dj, Karaoke, Paint-Faces, Balloon Modeling, Table Games Tournaments, Traditional Games, among others!
We organize the animation of your event, turning it into a very special party!

Day, Time, Place and ….. PARTY !!!!

Quick installation mobile equipments, with different themes and various dimensions, that provide moments of fun for kids and adults.

You can choose between: Dolphin, Drop the Colleague, Dinosaur, Salty … among others!

Just choose, we transport and put it where you want !!!

We have a wide range of equipment for your event:
Air Bunjee;
Climbing Walls;
Kayak’s Sit On Top;
Mobile Circuit of Arvorismo;
Sound, Light and Video Systems with Dj;
Pinta-Faces and Balloon Modeling;

What do you need?