Privacy Policy (RGPD)
  1. Introduction
  2. Who is responsible for handling your data
  3. What data we collect from our customers,how we use them, and on what terms
  4. Who are the recipients of your data?
  5. Where we store your data
  6. What are your rights when you give us your data
  7. How long we store your data
  8. Warranties and warnings

1 – Introduction
For Centro Aventura, the privacy and protection of your Personal Data is very relevant. Centro Aventura Adventure Park expresses its firm commitment to comply with current legislation and to treat your personal data (“Personal Data”) in accordance with this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”).
Each time you use the Centro Aventura Adventure Park website ( or when you otherwise interact with the Centro Aventura Adventure Park Center (for example, register on the website and subscribe to Newsletter applications, make reservations). the Personal Data you transmit to us will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy in force at any time, so we suggest that you carefully read these policies in order to evaluate if you agree with them.
The Centro Aventura Adventure Park website may contain links to websites and services of other societies that have their own privacy policies.
We recommend that you carefully read the privacy policies of such third parties. The Centro Aventura Adventure Park is not responsible for the practices or contents of these third party privacy policies.
When you register on the Centro Aventura Adventure Park Website or when downloading any application to your device, there is information in it that can be transmitted. This transmission is the result of services contracted with third parties. We recommend that you carefully read the privacy policies of such third parties. The Centro Aventura Adventure Park is not responsible for the practices or contents of these third party privacy policies.
Centro Aventura Adventure Park reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy in accordance with new legal and / or regulatory requirements, for security reasons or for the purpose of adapting said Policy to the instructions of the control authorities in the matter of protection of data.
Whenever any change in the Privacy Policy is introduced, the user will be informed of changes through the Adventure Park Adventure Center website or, if warranted, through a communication, and you will be asked to renew consent regarding the text of the Privacy Policy.

2 – Who is responsible for handling your data?
The responsible for processing personal data is Consultsport – Consultoria e Turismo, Lda, whose registered office is at Lugar de Casal, Lote 3, Parada, 4970-262, Arcos de Valdevez, holder of identification number 506210375. The user may contact the Centro Aventura Adventure Park, through the following means:

    • 919977056
    • Email:

3 – What data do we collect from our visitors / customers, how do we use them, on what terms and where do we store them?
Centro Aventura Adventure Park collects various types of personal data for different purposes, including the following:

        • Complete name
        • Birth date
        • Email
        • Cell phone number
        • Adress
        • Billing adress
        • Tax number
        • Transaction information including purchased products
        • Purchases historic
        • NIB/IBAN
        • Company name (applicable only to Corporate customers)

The purposes of the treatment of Personal Data are as follows:
A – Marketing: Centro Aventura Adventure Park may use your email address or telephone number to communicate with you by sending you email or SMS, including:

        • Disclosure of activities, promotions, campaigns
        • Newsletter Disclosure about ongoing activities at Centro Aventura Adventure Park;
        • Disclosure of product promotions sold at Centro Aventura Adventure Park.

B – Communication: Centro Aventura Adventure Park may use your personal data to communicate with you, in particular, to send you news related to services and products, or to send invitations, as well as to provide assistance in matters related to customer support (including responding and handling requests through customer service channels, as well as monitoring the quality of service);
C – Provision of products and services: Centro Aventura Adventure Park uses your Personal Data to execute the contract of purchase and sale of the products available at Centro Aventura Adventure Park or the service agreement to be celebrated with us. We may also use your Personal Data to contact you to finalize your order when you have saved your shopping cart or placed products in your cart without completing the payment process; inform you when a product you intended to purchase is available; treat and monitor your order, including delivery of the product at the address indicated by you; manage the payment of your order; manage any contact with us regarding your order; prevent and investigate possible misuse of these and to assist in aspects related to customer support.
You may cancel the receipt of the Newsletter as well as any other communications identified above at any time, using the option we provide in each communication or contact us by email to:

4 – Who are the recipients of your data?
Centro Aventura Adventure Park may subcontract other companies to provide certain services, such as delivery / collection services, tax and accounting advice, marketing (including sms and emailing) or maintenance of the website and digital suppliers. In these cases, these third-party companies may need to access certain information and data from the data holders. Centro Aventura Adventure Park guarantees that, in such cases, these third parties will have limited access to the information of the data owners, restricted only to those data necessary to perform the tasks contracted and that a contract has been awarded between the parties in which the protection of the Personal Data, these third parties undertake not to disclose, in any way, the Personal Data, nor to use them for purposes other than the provision of the contracted services.
Likewise, Centro Aventura Adventure Park may communicate your Personal Information when it is determined by law, in the context of a judicial process or in the context of investigations of suspicious activity.
The Centro Aventura Adventure Park does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18. If you discover that you unintentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 18, Centro Aventura Adventure Park will take the necessary steps to eliminate information as quickly as possible, unless you are required by applicable law to keep it.

5 – Where we store your data?
The Centro Aventura Adventure Park stores on servers that are in a secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure of the Personal Data that you provide. When personal information (such as a credit card number) is provided on the web page for payment, it will not be retained by Centro Aventura Adventure Park, but by Unicre – Credit Institution, S.A., under fiscal identification number 500292841.
Centro Aventura Adventure Park adopts the technical, electronic and organizational procedures necessary and adequate to ensure the security of your Personal Data and to prevent its loss, misuse or improper access.
It states that you will only process your data for the purposes for which it was collected, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
Centro Aventura Adventure Park frequently reviews its collection, storage, and data processing policies to ensure that it collects, stores and processes information that is essential to the delivery or improvement of services.
Centro Aventura Adventure Park takes appropriate procedures to ensure that your information is accurate, complete and current, but it is up to you to update or correct your personal information when necessary.
Once the Personal Data collection is done in an open network (internet), these may eventually circulate in the network without security conditions, and may be viewed and / or used by unauthorized third parties for this purpose, despite having appropriate safety measures have been taken against accidental or unauthorized destruction and accidental loss and also against unauthorized access, modification or dissemination.
The Centro Aventura  Adventure Park does not make automated decisions.

6 – What are your rights when you give us your data?
According to the applicable legislation, Centro Aventura Adventure Park undertakes to respect the confidentiality of its personal information and ensure the exercise of its rights to:

        • Right to be informed: our clients have the right to obtain clear, transparent and understandable information on how Adventure Adventure Center uses their Personal Data. That is why we hereby make this Privacy Policy available to you.
        • Right of access: In addition to the right to information, you will be able to access your personal data that we treat and preserve. In these cases, Centro Aventura Adventure Park will give you a copy of the personal data that is being processed. In addition, when requested through electronic means, the information will be provided in an electronic format of common use.
        • Right of rectification: you have the right to rectify your personal data if they are incorrect, out of date or if you wish to complete them. To do so, you can contact us for the above contacts or, alternatively, if you have registered on the website, go to your “customer area”.
        • Right of erasure / right to be forgotten: you can ask us to delete your data, however, please note that this is not an absolute right, as we may have legal grounds or other legitimate interests for the retention of your personal data.
        • Opt out right, including direct marketing: You can either unsubscribe from the Centro Aventura Adventure Park Newsletter or opt out of our direct marketing communications at any time. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the link “remove it on any email or communication we send you, but you can also contact us for that purpose.
        • Right at any time to withdraw your consent to the processing of data: you may withdraw your consent to the processing of data when such processing is based on your consent. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of consent-based treatment prior to withdrawal.
        • Right to file a complaint with the CNPD: If you consider that the processing of your personal data by Centro Aventura Adventure Park violates the applicable data protection legislation, you may file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (“CNPD”). Do not hesitate to contact us before filing any complaint with the CNPD.
        • Right to data portability: you have the right to move, copy or transfer the data from our database to another.
        • Right to limitation of treatment: You have the right to request the restriction of the treatment of your data in the following situations: if you dispute the accuracy of the data, if the treatment is illicit and you do not want to erase your data, but only limit it, if the data are no longer required by the Centro Aventura Adventure Park, but necessary to the visitor / customer or if you have exercised the foregoing rights of objection, during the time the Centro Aventura Adventure Park examines whether your legitimate interests for the treatment prevail or not about that right.

In order to request the exercise of any of the rights listed above, in addition to the forms specifically mentioned in the respective paragraphs, you may send a communication addressed to the abovementioned address or by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address also mentioned above, which you may also use if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.

7 – How long do we store your data?
We only store Personal Data for the time required to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, to respond to your needs or to comply with our legal obligations.
In order to determine the period for which we store your data, we use the criteria listed below. If multiple criteria are applied simultaneously, we will keep your personal data in accordance with the criterion that entails the preservation of your Personal Data for the longest period of time.

        • When purchasing products and / or services, we will keep your personal data for the duration of our business relationship, including any complaints that may arise, as well as for a period of two years after termination, without prejudice to compliance with legal obligations of the responsible for the treatment;
        • When you contact us to ask questions, we will retain your personal information for the period of time required to resolve your issue;
        • When you create a client account, that is, when you register on our website, we will retain your data until you ask us to delete it or after a period of inactivity of two years;
        • When you consent to the sending of direct marketing, we will retain your personal information until you cancel the subscription or ask us to delete it;
        • Regarding the images captured by the video surveillance system, during the maximum period of 30 days;
        • In the case of data collected during the recruitment procedure, for a maximum period of one year from the end of the procedure;
        • The period of time provided in the applicable legislation; or
        • Until the specific purpose applicable to certain data ceases to exist.

In any of these situations, if there is pending legal or judicial proceedings, the data will be kept for the duration of the process and up to six months after a final decision is passed.
We may also retain some of your personal data to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations, as well as to manage or enforce our rights, including through recourse to court.
After the above mentioned periods of conservation, the Personal Data will be deleted and / or erased in a secure way.

8 – Warranties
The data subject warrants that the Personal Data communicated to the Centro Aventura Adventure Park is accurate and undertakes to notify any change or modification thereof and assumes sole responsibility for the loss and damage caused by the erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete communication of the data.
The owner of the data is expressly warned that when disclosing Personal Data in public means of the Centro Aventura Adventure Park like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this information can be seen and used by third parties. Centro Aventura Adventure Park does not read any personal communications published on the websites of its clients.
Centro Aventura Adventure Park welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you believe that the Centro Aventura Adventure Park does not meet your obligations, please contact us. We will try to evaluate your suggestion and respond to you as soon as possible.


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